Call for submissions – Global Grad Show

Would you like to get your project to Dubai Design Week? Find out on how to be part of this year’s Global Grad Show, with being promised quite an exceptional experience.

The Global Grad Show is an exhibition of student works from the world’s leading design schools, held each October as part of the Dubai Design Week. Since launching in 2015, the show has grown to become the world’s largest student gathering. For its third edition 13-18 November, the exhibition is set to involve 75 universities from 50 countries.

The Global Grad Show will select few projects from Aalto Arts / Department of Design. Travel and accommodation is covered for one representative of each selected project. Works will be divided in three different categories: Connect, Empower and Sustain.

Even if the name of the event is Global Grad Show, the submitted projects don’t have to be graduation works or thesis projects.

How it works

  1. Aalto Arts has got the invitation to collect and put up a portfolio of its best, innovative projects around design innovation with some societal, environmental or deeper economical connection.
  2. Students have until 15th of June to submit their projects via email directly to Simo Puintila. They should send a few low resolution images of their project with simple description of the main idea. A similar portfolio from last year can be reviewed here. The submission should include the student’s contact information (email + phone number! / one person – one project) so that they can be reached for further arrangements.
  3. If your project is interesting, ambitious, innovative and prototyped in a sophisticated way it will be included to the portfolio! Maximum 15 works will be included.
  4. This portfolio will be collected and submitted to Global Grad Show 23rd of June.
  5. Then it will be about waiting until the Grad Show organizers make the decisions of which projects will be selected.
  6. After receiving the info of the selected projects, Simo will get in touch with the contact persons of the selected projects and shared responsibilities of practical arrangements will be agreed on, since there are quite a few of those:
  • collecting more detailed info of each project
  • filling submission forms
  • filling logistics forms
  • providing all kinds of data and consultation concerning the exhibition and setup
  • publicity and media relations
  • booking flights
  • documenting
  • packaging the projects and more


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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Simo Puintila: