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Design and Entrepreneurship

  • Credits: 10
  • Teaching period: IV
  • Professor: Peter McGrory
  • Course code: MUO-E3021

Learning Outcomes

Participants on successful completion of the intensive course will be able to

  • persuasively communicate, empirically validate and practically demonstrate the role and value of design and design-thinking in strategic innovation processes and (effectually-driven) entrepreneurial practices.
  • describe how design thinking can be utilized to enhance entrepreneurial practice.
  • articulate how the principles of effectual entrepreneurship can be utilized.
  • identify different innovation types and scope, including the strategic and operative benefits of a systemically integrated platform approach to design and entrepreneurial practice.
  • understand the lean startup process and principles in practice.
  • apply strategic foresight thinking and planning processes.


Participants benefit from a range of methods including theoretical insights, practical case-based illumination and exploration through individual and team-based assignments which take advantage of prior and aggregated course inputs.

Working methods are chosen to enrich and diversify discussions and team-based exploration by taking advantage of a range of disciplinary and cultural perspectives, capabilities and joint interests.

Individual and group assignments are seen as an important collaborative vehicle, enabling participants to build on each others’ insights and ideas in a project-based generative learning environment.

The course is designed on the premise that it’s important to experiment with new design strategies, concepts and ideas, try different innovation approaches, and test the utility of different theories through practical application.

Student projects