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Design-driven Foresight

  • Credits: 10
  • Teaching period: I
  • Professor: Heidi Paavilainen
  • Course code: MUO-E1026

Learning Outcomes

Module trains students to research and work with lifestyle and design trends. After the course the student understands trend mechanisms, is able to recognise trends in media, street, home and business; student is able to analyse design and lifestyle trends and can utilise trend information in her work, including is able to produce seasonal and long term design directions in her organisation or community.


During the course students build and present insights about the directions the contemporary culture is going towards. Main future we will be studying is around 2030 but we will also work with immediate future. Main working mode is team work. Teams decide the industry they want to work in. Industry can be for example furniture, fashion, services, technology, health, food, sports or journalism. Course assignments are specific questions or problems that the teams work with during the course, aiming at strategic solutions relevant to the industry of the team. Development of the skills of recognising and editing trend signals, abductive reasoning and interpretation are the key parts of the methodological training in the course. Training draws from the trend forecasting practices and ethnographic research tradition. The online courses offered by the Finland Futures Academy (University of Turku) complement this course but are not compulsory part of the training. Course work is supported with reading assignments, in-class discussion and exercises, guest lectures by visiting professionals, assignment presentations, feedback, and tutoring.