Homebase Talkoot

In the Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture each master’s program has a designated shared space called a homebase. Homebases are designated spaces for study and group work that students have a direct say in how the space is organized and utilized. The students of CoID share their homebase with students from CoDe (Contemporary Design). Recently, a group of CoID and CoDe students organized a homebase Talkoot to refresh and reorganize their workspace. 

“I like the homebase because the students get to decide how to use the space, and because it is an informal place work with other students.”

– Emma, first year CoID student

A Talkoot is the Finnish concept for community members and friends gathering to work together towards a practical goal. Examples include, but aren’t limited to, collectively cleaning up a shared area of forest, re-painting community buildings, or helping a neighbor re-build their barn after a storm. In a way, it is collaborative design in its original form. Not only will you get help setting up your new sound system, it gives you a nice excuse to hang out with friends!

To prepare for the CoID/De Talkout, student organizers solicited feedback from their peers about current issues with the space and future hopes for what it could be. The next step was to come up with potential layout plans for furniture in the homebase. The resulting two plans were voted on and finally synthesized into one that the team felt met the most needs and wishes of both programs students. Invitations for the Talkoot were designed and sent out and posters were put up in the homebase.

“It’s really inspiring to share the space with CoDe because you get to see what others are working on. I also love our space because of all the windows and natural light.”

Betsy, first year CoID student

A Talkoot wouldn’t be complete without refreshments for the hard workers. A huge thank you goes to Tokyo, arts student association, for sponsoring pizza for the group. Pizza and a nice playlist were the motivation needed to get things done. What started out a bit stressful, turned into a fun community experience. At the end of the night, the homebase was looking fresh and ready for the new period. Go team CoID/De!!!