Important people: Osse

Another good spirit of the program is Osse Federley. Especially in the last weeks of each period, his help is indispensable and often makes the impossible possible. We interviewed him.

Osse, how long have you been part of the Aalto Arts and Design department and what is your role?

I started here 18 years ago, in 1999 I believe. My main task is to support teaching. I am not teaching but I provide technical help and take care of the classrooms and that kind of things.

What are your daily tasks and with what type of questions can students come to you?

Most of the daily tasks are printing, 3D printing and large-format printing; these things happen every day. Sometimes I also have other tasks happening around sixth, seventh, and eighth floor – these are “my” floors. 😊 So I am not only here for CoID students but also for Product and Spatial and Fashion Design and these other programs.

What was a most unusual request from students or problems you had to solve?

Nothing is any more unusual or weird. I have seen so many things over the years. Maybe, one day there was a student that needed help to get into a diving suit. That was the most odd probably [laughing]. Today I am so used to all kinds of things.

What has been the biggest change since you started and today?

Of course, digitalization changed my work a lot. When I started here, I met some students that had not used a computer before, for example. The first time in their lives, they used one here. That does not happen anymore. These kind of things changed our work a lot.

What are your best memories?

Oh, every day I can get good memories. I can meet nice people and nice things happen. For example, we received some prizes. Maybe not a very personal one, but a nice one was, when our group got a prize for being the group of the year. All the facility managers got a prize given by Aalto. It was a money prize so we went for a trip to Berlin and invested it into our spaces here. That was nice.

What do you like most about your work?

I can meet students and people and of course I can see how technology changes. Many students work with these modern things and I can see what happens. For example, this 3D printer we already have it for 17 or 18 years. So when this kind of technology becomes more common, we have already seen it for a while. It’s a very modern surrounding here. But, as I already said and what my colleagues say as well, the people you can meet here is the nicest part.

What are your feelings and expectations regarding the move to Otaniemi?

I don’t move there because I will retire next summer, so this is my last year. There are some good things but I am afraid that there will also be some less good things. I am afraid that the artistic teaching will become less and they will probably not have so much space for that anymore. But I haven’t thought so much about the move to Otaniemi. We have a print lab on second floor here and that will be connected with my tasks and room, so to say, once I retire and the move is done. But there will be some other guys like Jarkko, Eila and Markus to help students. And I hope that students can get more resources and access there.

I do like the campus here because I can also see ordinary people, as we have the Arabia center here with the other shops. It’s nice, but probably in 5 years everything will have settled and it will be a nice place to study in Otaniemi.

Something else, you would like to share?

I can only say that I have been enjoying these 18 years a lot. It’s a nice place to work and I am enjoying a lot. Every morning I don’t have bad feelings or feel bad about going to work, or am almost waiting to leave in the afternoon. 😉 I really enjoy my work here.


Visit Osse on 8th floor from 9-4pm for a nice chat or help.