Defining form honestly

The exhibition “In Formal” was born as a result of Advanced Form Exploration course which looked at the differences between over-designing and the essence of aesthetics that withstands the test of time.

Projects by by Lauri Käkelä and Aija Hannula

The course took the criticism of styling seriously: the aim of the projects was to manifest the meaning of good design and its values: understandability, honesty and durability in the context of a kitchen appliance.

During the course, each of 6 students designed own vision of a kitchen appliance inspired by modern architecture, new materials and the nature of actions undertaken during the use of the products. The exhibition was a part of Helsinki Design Week 2015

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Course leader: Simo Puintila.
Students: Aija Hannula, Huiyang Yu, Yuchao Chien, Lauri Käkelä, Mikko Latomäki & Krzysztof Witkowski-Soroczan.

Phyto Pure by Yuchao Chien
Exhibition view

InFormal Exhibition catalogue