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Integrated Design Management

  • Credits: 5
  • Teaching period: II
  • Professor: Oscar Person
  • Course code: MUO-E3001

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students should hold a broad understanding about the varied domain of expressive design work and the management thereof, enabling them to draw upon both internal and external resources for design in forming and promoting (branded) products and services. Positioning expressive design work within a broader business context, they should also be able to analyze and critique the organizational and market relevance of design in different types of branding practices.


The course pursues an integrated perspective on the management of design with a special emphasis on the expressive nature of design work and the organizational positioning of design and designers in a business context. Different models for branding and design are studied in exploring the domain of expressive design work in forming and promoting products and services as well as the impact and opportunities companies and designers hold in creating and materializing a brand.