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Interactive Prototyping

  • Credits: 10
  • Teaching period: IV – currently not taught
  • Teacher: (former Jussi Mikkonen)
  • More information: MUO-E3002

About the course

Interactive Prototyping consists of three parts, each part being linked together and successive parts building on top of the previous. The students create individually one exhibit user interface by the beginning of prototype development phase, and one evaluation prototype as a team during the prototype development phase.

Learning Outcomes

The Interactive Prototyping course develops students’ competences on how to bring research findings to a simple interactive prototype, and how to evolve the initial perceptions and insights to the experience given by a physical embodiment of the concept.

The students who successfully complete this course should be able to:

  • understand the need and be able to design for feedback in user interfaces.
  • construct a simple experiential “sketch”, or “taped-to-a-table” prototype of a physical product with an interactive programmed digital functionality on their own.
  • communicate the design and engineering-related aspects of a physical prototype.
  • articulate and justify their design proposals and report their results following the conventions of interaction design and research practices.
  • work in a multidisciplinary team of designers, software and electrical engineers.

Course Content

Within the course the students create working interactive 3-dimensional prototypes, undergo the design process from concepts to tested interactive table-top prototypes and evaluate and justify exploratory designs.

Student Projects

Check the ways of interactive prototyping in the student projects section!