Study structure

New Materials and Means of Production

  • Credits: 5-10
  • Teaching period: IV
  • Responsible teacher: Teppo Vienamo
  • Course code: MUO-E3000

About the course

The New Materials and Means of Production course provides an introduction to evolving materials and manufacturing technologies. Students obtain fundamental knowledge of the principles and theories of evolving material research, and the skills and literacies they need to deal with materials.

Objectives & Learning Outcome

This course aims to increase your knowledge and skills on the following:

  • To become familiar with key terminologies and perspectives in advanced materials and means of production
  • To learn and develop a material or manufacturing process in physical prototypes or hands-on material testing
  • To learn to make sense of networked service systems and organizational structures
  • To develop skills in and understand concepts of co-design, co-creation and co-production and their role in design process and approaches.
  • To practice cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural co-operation in a case for a real-life client, in a real-life service development project.
  • To apply service visualization and prototyping methods to realize the ideas

Course Content

The theory part of the course consists of lectures, topical research literature, student- presentations and workshops, and inspiring talks by various professionals in the material and process field.

The second mode, hands-on practice focuses on applying materials and methods in practice. The practical project can be done in company collaboration (last year’s partner was Suunto a premium sports watches, instruments and dive producer). Students, divided into groups, aim to tackle given cases collaboratively.
The students participate actively in teamwork assignments and complete individual literature assignments. The module is quite a work-intensive, equal to full working days, and it is not recommended to take additional studies during the period.

Comments by students

“I liked the variety of speakers and lecturers we had. Many of them were super interesting and inspiring – not only for this course but for other projects generally.”

“I think that one strong value of this course was the teaching crew consisting Teppo, Jaana and Oldouz. In perspective of a student, that offered three different approaches to the subject, three different set of teaching methods, and most importantly, three different personalities, that made the course a well working and interesting composition. I also believe that this was an opportunity for the teaching crew members to learn a bunch of new things.”

“However, the collaboration with Suunto offered a valuable sight to the challenges that a company with hi-tech products is facing. It was interesting to go through the history of Suunto and try to find out the core values of the brand to discover it’s possible future.”

Student projects

Check the ways of designing new materials and means of production in the Student projects section!