Mu’s internship at Normann Copenhagen

Mu He interned at Normann Copenhagen during the last months and just returned back to Finland from his adventure. We asked him a million questions to find out what it was like.

Showroom of Normann Copenhagen.
  • When and for how long did you do your internship?

From last September until the end of this February; 6 months in total.

  • What company did you intern at and what do they do?

Normann Copenhagen; a contemporary, Scandinavian design furniture and accessories producer.

  • How did you find them and what about them made you want to intern with them?

Via their official website. They do pretty good design and have a relatively good reputation in the field. Some of the products from Normann Copenhagen have become one of the representatives of Danish design. It was my honor to work with them.

  • How was the application process? Was it easy to get in?

I sent an email to them and got a chance for an interview a couple of days later. Because it is still a small studio, the application process is friendly.

  • How was your first day at work?

It was good. It was not perfectly nice in the beginning. What welcomed me though was the humid city with constant rains. My colleagues there were all friendly, skilled and experienced. They came from all around the world, thus in the first day, we did brief introductions with each other and the head of the design studio showed us around the studio.

  • What was the company setup like? Did it look and feel more like an office or more like a workshop?

It has an office area and also a workshop. We sat in one row together. There was a wood workshop for some simple prototype making and two 3D printers working 24 hours a day.

The office.
  • What projects did you get to work on? 

I joined the projects of designing accessories for an amusement park called Tivoli, which is one of the oldest parks in the world. All the newly designed products will be released this autumn.

Another part of my work was to design the new products for Normann Copenhagen’s 2019 autumn season or later. The projects I did included accessories like lamps, trays, candles, vases and hooks. The furniture projects are like tables, chairs and magazine racks.

  • What was your favorite one?

I like all my designs.

  • What did you enjoy most during your internship?

The work itself. It allowed me to do the things I like, which I think is the most enjoyable.

  • Any moments of doubt or extreme struggle? And if so, how did you solve them?

The difference of culture. To work with people from different cultures is very inspiring but to live in the middle of it is not really easy to get used to. Also, the company culture is not the same as some companies in Asia. There is no way to change them. It is just different, and I cannot tell which is correct or incorrect.

  • Did the internship change your perspective in any way, personally or regarding design and your future path?

No…I still feel quite uncertain about my future.

  • If you had to describe your time abroad interning in one word, which word would that be?

Hasty. I mean 6 months are really not long. I was hasty catching the bus to Copenhagen and it was hasty again to take a plane back to Helsinki.

The Shiba Inu dog from Japan, named Bushi, in the office.