New course! Designing Interactions with Severi Uusitalo

Starting from Autumn 2016, CoID programme offers a new course — Designing Interactions. We spoke with Severi Uusitalo, lecturer in digital design and the author of the course, about what it is going to be like.

Severi Uusitalo
Severi Uusitalo

Why did you decide to create a course on Designing Interactions?

— We have recently recognised that while our students have developed a good knack with with design thinking and concept development, many of them are not necessarily familiar with Interaction Design thematics. This new course aims to provide the students the general introduction to the tools, processes and language of Interaction Design.

What are the career opportunities for the students interested in this course?

— The course helps to develop the confidence and skills to work in the fields of UX Design and Interaction Design, and aims to help bridging the gap between product designer skills and those expected in digital field –as nowadays the digital elements in physical products typically are defining the overall experience more and more. During the course the students will learn fundamentals of interaction design and how to communicate their ideas to developers and other relevant stakeholders, including some documentation and prototyping means.

What is the structure of the course?

— The course takes place during the first period and consists of one full module of seven weeks. The students are expected to work full time and deliver multiple assignments. During the course we will address different themes, varying roughly weekly, with lectures and hands on exercises. This includes also some collaboration with external partners. Among the themes that we will address during the course there will be e.g. video prototyping and Touch UI. Also relevant readings will be provided to the students to deepen the topics and learn the theory.

Who is the target of the course?

— The course is aimed at design students who don’t have much experience in Interaction design, but are familiar with User-centred design. This course should be a good match for example with courses like User Inspired Design, Experience Design and Designing for Services.


Registration to the course will open in WebOodi on August 15th (course code MUO-E3020).