Study Structure


Learn about the culture, history, research and find your own design identity.

Joint Studies
(20 ECTS)


Become a pro in the following areas: Advanced Industrial Design, Collaborative Design or Design Strategy and Leadership.

Main Compulsory Studies
(40 ECTS)


Take courses from other programs or universities, enrol in a minor programme or go abroad.

Elective Studies
(30 ECTS)


Show what you can do in a Master of Arts Thesis.

Master’s Thesis
(30 ECTS)

Find in detail about the Courses of CoID

Joint Studies (20 ECTS)

Get the basics

Joint studies are a block of courses that are offered for all MA programmes at the Department of Design.

INTRO 2 ECTS Course Page
Design and Culture 4 ECTS Course Page
Design Research 4 ECTS Course Page
Personal Project 8 ECTS Course Page
Thesis Seminar 2 ECTS Course Page

Main Compulsory Studies (40 ECTS)

Learn your profession

Studies are organised in three competency areas: Advanced Product Design, Collaborative Design and Design Strategy.

Most of the courses in all three areas are project-based and include design inquiry into real-world contexts.

The students are encouraged to take courses from at least two different competence areas.

Compulsory for CoID students
User Inspired Design 5+5 ECTS Course Page
Product Architecture Design 10 ECTS Course Page
Design Strategy and Entrepreneurship 10 ECTS
Advanced Industrial Design
Designing Interactions 10 ECTS Course Page
New Materials and Means of Production 10 ECTS Course Page
Product and Form I 10 ECTS
Collaborative Design
Strategic Co-design 10 ECTS Course Page
Designing for Services 5-10 ECTS Course Page
Evaluating Interactions 10 ECTS
Design Strategy and Leadership
Design Strategy and Leadership 10 ECTS

Elective Studies (30 ECTS)

Expand the scope of your possibilities

PDP course

A course on product development for students with various backgrounds.

ME310 course

Students from leading global universities tackle design innovation challenges posed by global corporations.

USchool minor

Multidisciplinary nature of usability both in theory and in practice.

Creative Sustainability minor

Re-think Architecture, Business, Design, Landscape Planning, Real Estate and Urban Planning.

Aalto Service minor

Manage, operate, design, and develop services and service business successfully.

As elective studies, students can complete minor studies and/or take individual courses from other programmes at Aalto University or other Finnish universities, participate in an international student exchange programme, do an internship in Finland or abroad, or take courses offered by Collaborative and Industrial Design competence areas.

More Information:
  • Internal mobility (Into)
  • International exchanges (Into)
  • MEDes — Master of European Design (website)
  • A full list of Aalto level minors (Studyguides)

Thesis (30 ECTS)

Show what you’re capable of

Master’s theses can be roughly divided into two categories: artistic and scientific. Some degree programmes may also comprehend additional categories, such as production-based or pedagogical theses.