CoID evening

The CoID Community marked the last evening of the academic year by sharing some year-long experiences and pizzas. The year was coming to an end it was a good chance for everyone to be on the same page by sharing the experiences of different courses taken by students. This sharing about the course gave a good idea to the students about what course could interest them to take for the upcoming year and also a chance to learn from experiences of others.

Sharing the experiences of different courses

Also, it was a great chance to have the Head of CoID MA Programme Andres Lucero who helped us to gain more insights about the functioning of CoID. It inspired each one of us to make the most out of our time in CoID.

Let’s know it all from our study coordinator

It was an emotional evening as it was a time to say goodbye to our friends who were exchange students and other friends who were going home for a long summer break. The evening ended with coming to a decision of having such informal meets more frequently which would help CoID to build greater bonding and transparent communications among all. Hope to see all our friends soon because With the Dreams we chase, World is indeed a small place!