CoID International Potluck

  • When? Friday, February 9
  • Time? 17-19
  • Where? Arabia, 8th floor kitchen

We warmly invite you, CoID students, alumni and staff to join our international CoID potluck party this Friday, where everyone comes together to share their favorite dish and to enjoy a casual get-together with our beautiful CoID community.

If you are wondering what an international potluck is, no worries, read on. A potluck in general is a kind of meal where each guest brings a prepared dish to be shared among the group. In our case, since it’s an international potluck, the idea is to bring a dish from your home country or countries to share with everyone. This is a nice way to catch up with another and to get to know new people whom you haven’t met before, in a fun and surprising way. We have so many different nationalities in our community that there should be a big range of interesting food to try.

For our event on Friday, kindly bring a dish of your choice and be ready to taste other people’s food. If you are completely out of ideas or time, bring something interesting to drink, like a good bottle of wine or sparkly soda. 

We are looking forward to seeing you there! Please let us know via this event page, if you can make it, but also in case you have any questions.