CoID x Research #1

The first CoID x Research breakfast of this academic year takes place on Friday, October 28th!

CoID x Research #1

Join us and listen to two inspiring talks given by Yiying Wu, a.k.a Bow, from the Encore research group and Anne Pasanen, a 2nd year CoID student.

Yiying Wu, whom most of us know as Bow, is a doctoral student at the Aalto Universities Encore research group. In her dissertation Bow explored services that require active participation and rich social relations. Currently her dissertation is under evaluation, and she is ready to share some insights with us. During her talk Bow will share her findings about communities and how they can be built and maintained.

Anne Pasanen is a second year CoID student. In the past months she is spending her time working at a start-up that strives to make 3D printing more children-friendly. Anne will tell about the start-up and the CoID skills she has been using in her work.


  • 8.15 Breakfast is served!
  • 8.40 Working in the a start-up world / Anne Pasanen
  • 9.05 Communities – what are they, how to build them, how to maintain them / Yiying Wu
  • 9.30 Closing the event

See you on October 28th at 8th floor kitchen area to start the day with some good company and breakfast!