Concept of Otaniemi Mall

  • Course: Design Driven Foresight
  • Authors: Martina Bonetti, Davide Comuzzi, Jessica Triana, Pekka Hakanen, Ming Andersen

Using specific bibliography on the subject and our instinct, during the course we’ve been asked to monitor our material and immaterial environment. What we were looking for were trends, changes, at mega, macro and micro scale. After researching the phenomena and their change over time, we translated and articulated our findings in a physical, product-like format. Together with the creation of a trend wall of first signals, these materials have been the start for our specific group research.

Before moving the School of Arts, Design and Architecture from Arabia to Otaniemi campus, the Fashion and Collection department has already been entrusted with an empty space at the Otaniemi Mall. Our group had the task to put together a trend research about spaces, their uses and their looks, to inspire possible activities and atmosphere. Trying to catch early signals about interiors and user experience fashions, we also took the chance to be guided just by colours and materials into an interpretation of the space.

Our work ended up in a physical still as a tangible outcome to communicate our analysis: Ota Kota. It is a box made with different bright and natural feeling materials: wood, felt, concrete, moss, bricks and transparency. A white light and a discrete ambient sound try to tie them together into a perception of comfortable and non-obtrusive space. Inside, a tool kit represents the philosophy of the space: first the cups are used to drink and stimulate sociability, then with needle and thread they can be turned into a DIY string telephone, representing hands-on cooperation and communication between different kinds of students.

Project presentation