Data Visualization and ABBY ChatBot

  • Course: Experience Driven Design
  • Client: ABB
  • Design Team: Andrea López Gómez, Marta Adamska, Saga Santala
  • Project Name: Data Visualization and ABBY ChatBot: Your personal support and trustful friend


MyABB business portal is a personalized online channel for ABB clients. The focus of this project is to enhance the user experience by implementing the experience goals into myABB portal, especially in the context of the contact and instant support services. The guiding questions for the design phase are: How can we create fascination toward one’s own achievements? How can we enhance people’s feeling of competence? How can we build strong personal relationships?

Experience Goals

Based on the research and a brand analysis, we set the Xgoals of Fascination, Competence and Relatedness and subgoals of Confidence, Expression, Trust and Autonomy as guiding lines for the project.


To experience an urge to explore, investigate, or to understand something.
“Although the platform is really useful, it’s not very exciting to use.”


To experience that you are very capable and effective in your actions rather than feeling incompetent or ineffective.
“myABB is a window for customers – digitalized solution in people’s hands.”


To experience that you are connected to others without concerns about ulterior motives. Feeling of trust and reliability.
“It allows to speak the same language with a customer, which is vital when it comes to solving their problems.”

Design Proposal

The concept consist of two parts:

1. Information Visualization: By showing a visual representation of data related to the client’s property, we aim to create fascination towards the client’s own achievements, which will also motivate them to use the portal. The clients will also be more competent prioritizing and developing different tasks, and finding the information easily.

2. ABBY Chatbot: ABBY / ABBOT has its own life, it’s moving around, it doesn’t feel like a regular Chatbot. It’s a link between people and has the option of contacting a human, that gives more reliability and trust. Due to the range of microinteractions Chatbot’s actions become fascinating, as well as more transparent, since it communicates everything by showing an appropriate icon above its head.

The roadmap is a suggestion for how to start implementing the concept created in this project:

“Great concept exercise for the product roadmap.” – ABB