Designing a mobile experience for Fastems

The Brief

What value adding features could be included in order to create unique Fastems customer experience? Outlook and workflow of MyFastems application? Pickups for future Fastems SW style guide?

UX Goals

After the factory visit, looking the Fastems materials and interviews we set our Experiece Goals. We chose those to be RELIABILITY, CARING, RELATEDNESS, SUCCESS. Some of the XG are from Fastems materials. New ones are related to the mobile application, like Success.



Applicable design: Because of the tight timetable we narrowed our project to just think about Error reporting with the application. After the Fastems factory and HQ visit it was clear that this is an important feature for the Fastems application. We designed how the error reporting should be done and made high fidelity prototypes with InVision. We made four prototypes and had evaluations with UX experts and Fastems people. Experience of the Error situation should be clear and easy to understand. We wanted to make the user feel that he/she is in control and that Fastems is a reliable partner.