Designing for experience of customer service agents

  • Course: Experience Driven Design
  • Client: KONE
  • Design Team: Jiyoung Son, Tilda Jyräsalo, Yuvin Ha
  • Project Name: Designing for experience of customer service agents 


This project was conducted in collaboration with one of the leading companies in the elevator and escalator industry, Kone. The project aimed at providing meaningful experiences for customer service agents as well as diminishing their pain points based on the understanding of customers’ requests and the tools and information that the customer agents need.

Experience Goals

To understand the context and the needs of the customer agents, we conducted in-depth interviews with five CS agents and the head of customer care centre. During the interview, each interviewee was given to 50 Xgoals cards and asked to choose three that they ultimately want to experience through their work with the exception of head of customer care centre, who we asked to choose three emotions she would like her employees to experience through their work.

Based on the results we got from the Xgoal activity, we found some clear tendencies, setting the three Xgoals that we should focus on this project, which were SELF-ACTUALIZATION, CHALLENGING, and EVERYDAY FULFILLMENT. To be specific, Self-actualization is the experience of influencing on the well-being of customers and the company that they are working for while developing their best potentials and expertise. Challenging is to utilize their abilities in a demanding task rather than just doing the repetitive tasks. Lastly, Everyday fulfilment is a sense of feeling that they find more joy and variability in the routine work while preventing feeling of overload. During the whole process, we applied the experience design tool, Xgoals, from the investigation to design and to evaluation activities.

Design Proposal

From the user research, we identified the 15 key findings in 8 categories, narrowing down to 4 key findings that we should focus on based on those three experience goals. For those prioritized key findings, we generated 54 initial ideas, developing 3 concepts to achieve experience goals. As the outcome of the project, two services for customer service agents to develop themselves and enjoy the work more were proposed.

Design Proposal 1 – KoneXpert

KoneXpert is a tool to support CS agents to develop and specialize themselves. As stated before, the work doesn’t provide customer service agents with enough chance to use their capabilities and become specialist in KONE at present. In this context, we expect that this service allows them to see their own development paths and have more opportunities to become expert. Also, since they could see what skills are missing and how to learn those skills, they could spend more meaningful time in the workplace with a sense of achievement.

Design Proposal 2 – Kone aWay

Kone aWay is a tool to encourage CS agents to have some time away from the frontline. From the research, CS agents want to keep the work-life balance while enjoying variability of the work. We expect that Kone aWay adds more variability and enjoyment in their work as well as daily lives. It also allows them to contribute to the organization while being away from work, which would result in preventing them from feeling of overload.

“Professional level of work, proactivity, curiosity and critical thinking. The students delivered great results truly placing end-users at the core of their decision-making. Great research work, very well documented insights and analysis. We are very happy with the outcomes.” – KONE