Reflection afternoon: Designing for immigration services

Welcome to a reflection afternoon where we’ll talk about Service Design for Immigration, together with guests from Fjord and Encore research group.

Update: a video report of the reflection afternoon:

Two cases will be presented:

  1. Encore research group from Aalto University will present the recent collaboration between Aalto University, Aalto ARTS, Department of Design and Centre of Expertise on Immigrant Integration, Ministry for Employment and Economy called TEMWISIT. The project concerns the development of the web-based platform that visualise different immigrants’ service journeys in the early stage of their integration. The tool targets diverse immigrant service providers like KELA, Police or Tax Office.
  2. Design and innovation consultancy Fjord will tell about their recent experience in designing the eService EnterFinland, a project executed for Migri, the Finnish Immigration Service to provide better user-oriented service to immigrants and their families.

The event is open for everyone.

Cover image: property of Fjord.