Designing for Services 2017

As one of Finland’s fastest growing cities The City of Espoo aspires to develop public services in a “resident-centred” way. The city is considered to be a living lab with open participation models, service as sharing economy, and people as resources, and collaborative ecosystems.

Currently the city is developing three key themes. First is Chinese tourism services in Espoo that reconsider possibilities for Chinese travelers and Stop Over visitors to Finland while providing career opportunities for unemployed Chinese Espoo residents. Second is cross-sector collaboration with in Espoo’s Innovation Platform. This platform rethinks business-related services in the Iso Omena Service Center to envision ways to support aspects of business and entrepreneurship as a collaborative platforms. Lastly, the city looks to develop the Espoo seashore service and discover ways to populate it with locals.

By collaborating with Students of Aalto University, the City of Espoo partners practice their mission to use collaborative development and action as a tool to build a better city.

Course booklet 2017