Experience for Fastems Remote Support

  • Course: Experience Driven Design
  • Client:  Fastems
  • Students: Jinny Kim, Mikko Latva-Käyrä, Maija Mäenpää, Samar Zureik
  • Task: Improving work experience at Fastems Remote Support


With Fastems as our client, our team designed two design concept packages, applicable and radical.  Fastems is a B2B supplier of factory automation systems including intelligent manufacturing management software, automation hardware tools as well as related industrial services.  For the applicable concept, our brief was to design an implementable concept of an infoboard for the Fastems Remote Support team.  For the radical concept, we focused on radically improving the overall experience of the Fastems Support Service.

Experience Goals

For our main user group, who are the employees of the Remote Support hubs around the world, we established a set of 3 experience goals.

  1. Spark interest and feel amused: To experience enjoyment in the work – engage, captivate, energize and bring joy.
  2. Feel empowered and capable: To feel that they are capable, effective and in control of their work.
  3. Feel stronger sense of community: To strengthen the sense of belonging for the community of Remote Support teams in Finland, US and Germany.

This set became the guiding principles of our design.  The goals were set based on the design brief on the outset of the project.  They were reviewed and modified throughout the design process to ensure that the main user’s needs are met.

Applicable Design

Our design of the infoboard aims to improve the overall work experience of the Remote Support personnel at Fastems. Our proposal includes the main Infoboard design with 9 features, a desktop view of the infoboard and a workspace layout for the Tampere office.

Fastems Applicable Web

Radical Design

For the radical concept, we took a holistic approach to the process of the remote support work. Our proposal addresses pain points of current practices.  By integrating AR and Smartboard technologies, our proposal enhances communication and collaboration between different stakeholders such as customers, Field Engineers and Remote Support staff.

Fastems Radical Web