Experiential vessel operation system

  • Course: Experience Driven Design
  • Client: Rolls-Royce
  • Project Team: Chen Qi, Jaakko Ranne, Wang Yuze
  • Project Name: Experiential vessel operation system 


Design a Remote operations center (ROC) conning display that gives all navigational information, which is needed while operating a vessel from a remote center. Navigational operations can be divided into three different modes called Open sea, Fairway, and Harbor area. Similar operations need similar kind of information, however, information needs to be prioritized differently to give focus to current situation and circumstances. The task is to provide a new kind of solution for conning display that will present relevant information for current operation in a clear way. It is important to try the new ways to improve the old systems by utilizing technologies and design that work and have a purpose.

Experience Goals


Self-efficacy includes, for example, triggering the sense of control, to enable the user to operate the system more safely, effectively and efficiently so he/she feels a sense of competence and confidence as well.


For this, we need to consider how to stimulate more joyful and relaxing sense at work can, on one hand, make the work more enjoyable, on the other hand, from the long run, help the user maintain the passion and interest towards their work.


Trust is one of the brand values of Rolls-Royce as well. It is mentioned several times in the interview, that there will be lots of cooperation within the team, so addressing how to make users’ competence noticeable to others and cogent to rely on is vital.


Belongingness is important in this case because captain does not work in the cruise, through the interview we know they might feel lonely when they work alone, so it is essential to make them aware of the fact that they are part of something bigger.

Design Proposal

ROX: Remote Operation Experience

ROX is an integrated monitoring system which uses a GUI and environmental features such as ambient lighting and voice environment to create inspirational and relaxed operating environment. The concept increases operators capabilities to have a control and confidence over the operated vessel. The Graphical User Interface is designed so that gives the most relevant information about the current operating situation in an informative but positive way. Small details of the GUI make it more satisfying to use. The ROX navigation system has different navigation tools such as Conning display, ECDIS, LiDAR and AIS under the same platform.

An external feature of ROX includes the possibility to track operator’s individual progress and highlights of the year by educating on how to become a better operator as well as reminding the operators of being part of a greater organization.

“Fresh and inspiring work!” – Rolls-Royce