Future stories of seniors & food in Nordic countries

  • Course:  Design-driven Foresight
  • Course theme: Nordics, Scandinavia – history, trends and experiences
  • Author: Satu Niemi

How are seniors in the Nordic countries eating in the future? Especially, if they can´t go out from their homes, what kind of options do they have? 

Background trends: Population aging and over-consumption are highly affecting food business. I collected some data about these trends and also about the food values in Nordic countries. Through desk research I collected ideas and innovations related to ingredients and technologies in the areas around food business.

For getting real insights, I interviewed my friends (who are now 30-60 years old, and going to be seniors in the future). I asked about how they see their life, what they eat and how they think they will get food when they will be in their 70´s.

By combining data, innovations and interview findings, I created 4 personas & stories around food in the future (can be found in the slides below).

Project presentation