Guidance — In Case of Developing e-Services

  • Course: Designing for Services
  • Authors: Luca Acito, Sumyeong Choi, Jenni Huttunen, Juha Johansson & Netta Korhonen

In Case of Developing e-Services is a guideline book with a selection of 24 value cards for Helsinki’s healthcare decision makers. The book gives an introduction to why and how to create health e-services that reach the patients, are usable, understandable and motivating for them, but also sharable and integrated in their real lives. The value cards remind that e-services are not consisting of just clicks, but elements that create value for the users. Based on the research, the biggest injection of service design know-how was needed when the initial plans and requirement are set for the new e-service. Most of the health e-service development projects are outsourced to consultancies and therefore it’s crucial to now what to ask for.

  • Project presentation