Hacking Stockmann

  • Project: The Future of Retail Now: Hacking Stockmann
  • Course: Design Strategy and Innovation
  • Teachers: Peter McGrory, Haian Xue
  • Authors: Juuso Andersin, Jukka Manni, Roope Kolu, Sami Huuskonen, Ming Andersen and Vertti Sarimaa

Established in 1859 at the very centre of Helsinki, Stockmann department store had prosperous history and built special connections with generations of Helsinki residents. However, new technologies, new competitors, new business models, the change of consumer value and behaviours, and lack of coping strategies have seriously endangered Stockmann’s business. As a traditional retailer, Stockmann is not a single case. Therefore, two questions are addressed in the course projects: What may be the future of retail now? How may traditional retailers survive and thrive again? Without formal collaboration with Stockmann, the Stocmann department store is used to provide students with a specific context. In addition, as a hacking project, students are given more freedom to explore and suggest radical as well as incremental changes. On the basis of the knowledge on design strategy, design thinking and a comprehensive understanding of the value set of GEN X, Y and Z and their impact on consumer choice, expectations and experience, student teams are expected to provide strategic design solutions that are valuable not only to Stockmann, but also to all traditional retailers seeking for a successful future.

Project presentations

Stockmann loves HYPE

Author: Vertti Sarimaa

Stockmann: New Nordic

Authors: Sami Huuskonen and Ming Andersen

My Stockmann

Authors: Juuso Andersin, Jukka Manni and Roope Kolu