Important people: Meri

It is more than time to warmly welcome our new CoID study coordinator Meri Arnala. How she came to Aalto and where students will be able to find her, we wanted to know.

Meri, what did you do before you came to Aalto?

I have worked several years at two universities before I came to Aalto. In my previous positions I’ve worked mainly in study administration, e.g. I’ve been an international coordinator and also an amanuensis at the departmental level. Content-wise my new job at Aalto is similar to the ones that I’ve done before, but of course there are many new things I’ve had to learn here as Aalto University and ARTS are new to me. It’s been nice to notice, however, the familiarity in the student’s admin work overall.

How has your time in Aalto been so far?

I’ve now been here a few months and still, there is a lot to learn and get acquainted with. So far it has been interesting to see how everything works and how different processes are planned and organised. It’s been nice to meet students, teachers and other colleagues. People here are friendly and approachable and it’s been easy to get settled in.

What will your tasks mainly include?

I’m working as a Planning officer and am a part of the Learning services of ARTS. One of my tasks is to coordinate CoID and also the joint studies of the Department of Design. I also coordinate Tongji University College of Design and Innovation and Aalto ARTS cooperation.

With what kind of questions can students come to you with?

I’m here to help the students in issues related to their studies. My job is to advise and give guidance if students have questions or problems with studies. I have to admit that there are still many things that are new to me and that I have to learn, but it’s been nice to see how things get more familiar day by day and it doesn’t take such a long time to try to solve things out anymore.