Indie Entrepreneurs – The future of the independent music industry

  • Course: Design-driven Foresight
  • Course Theme: Nordics, Scandinavia – history, trends and experiences
  • Author: Sean Fegan

What is the future landscape of the music industry for independent artists? Where are consumers wanting to access and share music quickly, easily and conveniently; how may unsigned artists benefit from this?

The music industry has always been a difficult industry to make a break within. Before the internet, any artists that wanted to make it into the mainstream would need to go through a record label to have any chance at fame. Today, with the help of the internet, we have seen a massive rise in independent artists hitting the mainstream and niches.

It has allowed people to consume and share music instantly, as well as open the scope of what music they listen to, where otherwise they were informed through traditional mediums like radio or TV. It has become the bridge between both the listener and the artist. However, as the industry gets more and more connected and readily available, what lies in the future for independent artists?

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