LOUD – Sophisticated Contemporary Audio

LOUD was born as a result of the Form Exploration course in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen. The final designs by the students have been greatly celebrated and answer the question of how sophisticated and contemporary audio products can look, feel and sound like.


The design task within the course asked students to find new solutions for experiencing digital music in the home environment. The inspirational sources consisted of modern, sophisticated architecture, the built environment, new materials and the need to understand the essence of actions undertaken during the use of audio products. During the course, each of the students designed their own vision of a listening experience. These visions emphasize designers’ holistic relation to architecture and the built environment. In other words; these functional prototypes are brave visions of what sophisticated and contemporary audio products can be like.

The LOUD designs were exhibited in Lume Media Center Gallery Hall and Galleria Esplanad in Helsinki, as well as at Beta Space at Aalto university in Espoo.



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