New Age: New Materials

As the traditional product design grows with the new age, what also comes into consideration is the types of materials we decide to use. Innovation is about channelizing the designs and make them more efficient, sustainable, durable and coming up with ideas to make the most optimal use of the designs made. This innovation, however, is possible only when we are willing to see the bigger picture of what goes in the design. The answer lies in materials. New materials and means of production is one such offering of CoID which is more inclined towards helping the students to experiment the new types of materials coming to existence, their uniqueness and then giving them the freedom to experiment the materials’ behaviour.

Some samples of material trials

Student’s experience

The New Materials & Means of Production 2019 course was mainly focused on experimentation with microcrystalline cellulose-based materials, from which several concepts and prototypes for potential product applications were developed. 

The main approach of the course was hands-on experimentation in the CHEM-ARTS laboratory, but the course also included some theoretical lectures, deepening the understanding of the basic principles of reasoning and scientific writing. The tasks were designed as a preparation for writing a master’s thesis, therefore there was an emphasis on academic writing and methodology.

Most of the lectures were conducted by visiting professionals from specific fields, who briefly covered topics such as trends, designing for sustainable bio-based materials, algorithmic design and materials of additive manufacturing. In order to familiarize ourselves with one of the production processes for the plastic products more thoroughly, we visited Motorplast factory, which made the learning more diverse and interesting.

I wish we had had more lessons about various materials with additional opportunity to interact and play with them. Overall, the course was not very intense, leaving the individual enough freedom to choose his or her own direction in terms of specific material experimentation. Due to the small number of students, the atmosphere in the classroom was quite relaxed, calm and enjoyable.

-Marusa Dolinar

(exchange student in CoID)

Report example'2019

Authors: Maruša Dolinar, Lingfang Shen, Jui-Fan Yang