Open lecture on 3D metal printing

Welcome to the open lecture by Nicholas Koscinski on the technologies of 3D printing with metal materials.

As metal 3D printing is still a novelty for most designers, Nicholas will present us principles and design guidelines for this particular technology. FADO Group is an international company that specializes in moldmaking and injection moulding industries, as well as dmls 3d printing. Additionally, Nicholas will also present us FADO Design, a series of 3D printing contests targeted to students of industrial design. At the moment a second edition of the contest is taking place, and students are encouraged to participate.

  • Lecturer: Nicholas Koscinski, Industrial Designer, FADO Group
  • Time: 24.5.2016 at 11:00-12:00 (discussion may continue further)
  • Location: Aalto University, Arabia Campus (Hämeentie 135A, Helsinki), classroom 857 (8th Floor)
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