Ordinary games for ordinary people

  • Course: Design-driven Foresight
  • Project theme: Video games, digital consumption and Nordic cinema
  • Author: Gaston Welisch

I was first interested in Nordic media and art, and researched these topics to gain an idea of their specificities, their «Nordicness». There, I found that the video game industry is very important in Nordic countries, both culturally and economically. This industry is very reliant on digital consumption and technologies. My report is aimed towards game start-ups who want to differentiate themselves in an oversaturated market. As digitalisation faces growing criticism, what inspiration can we take from niche, meaningful Nordic movies to make Nordic games more respectful of our attention?

I first explore the nordic game industry, what makes it so succesful, what its specificities are, and what challenges it faces. I interviewed a professor and a student at Aalto University to have two different perspectives on the matter. I also planned to interview the organisator of Games Now ! (a series of lectures around the Nordic game industry), and graduates from Aalto who launched their own game developing studio, but they did not reply.

I then looked at digital consumption. The counter-trend to digitalisation will be a key influence to the way games are designed in the future.

In the third part of the report, I look at Nordic cinema, and pull key specifities that would be interesting to apply to Nordic games.

The final part of the report is my forecast for the Nordic game industry in 2030. I look at examples that are trendsetters for my future scenario. I put together 3 design moodboards to give a sense of what influences game designers, and present 3 future scenarios.

Project report