P.A.D. 2016 with BENEQ

  • Course: Product Architecture Design
  • Client: Beneq Oy

The year 2016 Product Architecture Design Master module has been unique in many ways. Compulsory for the first year master students, the course gathered 41 students from close to 10 different nationalities forming 8 international teams, each with their specific characteristics and dynamics.

The collaboration with the Finnish high tech company BENEQ Oy gave the students a technology platform for designing future concepts with a wide and long scope. Learning the possibilities of electroluminescent displays and the coating technologies brought the students right into the heart advanced development work and challenged them to push their concepts from the inner human minds all the way to the outer space. The concepts however also had to represent technical feasability and commercial potentiality. They had to stand as building blocks for a logical product family with a reasonable amount of components offering the widest span of variation. The concepts had to have their users and their needs identified and the students had to know who, how many and where they are. Within these seven weeks a close research and development community emerged in the very professional and cross disciplinary way Aalto University wants their graduates to face the outside world. Capable of collaborating, elaborating, creating, developing and presenting things that have not existed before.

The results of the course have been compiled into the product catalogue below.

Project presentation