Product Architecture Design 2017

  • Course: Product Architecture Design
  • Client: Meyer Yards Turku

The year 2017 Product Architecture Design master module was done in collaboration with the program of Naval Architecture in Aalto University School of Engineering and with Meyer Yards Turku.

As shipbuilding is once again booming in Finland, and the cruise & ferry business as well, the students were briefed to explore and create new and alternative concepts in the topic area. The brief was kept as open as possible and the time horizon spanned from today to as far in to the future as possible. The negative and positive sides of growing seafare and related tourism were highlighted through lectures and excursions, while a visit to Meyer Yards in Turku well showed the scale of the business and the vessels of today.

The students surprised the tutors and collaborators with broad and socially and environmentally responsible concepts. Product architecture design was effectively applied to the concepts, making them also feasible to realise in business. Serious discussions were held around issues like “Can refugee rescue vessels be included into the realm of cruises, as the volumes seem to be growing year by year?”, or “Can retired cruise ships be utilised for permanent floating suburbs?”, or “Can ships once again be build out of wood?”.

Course booklet