Product Catalogue for Riihimäki prisons

  • Course: Product Architecture Design
  • Client: Criminal sanctions Agency of Finland RISE
  • Authors: Giulia Cappelletti, Fei Wang, Jukka Manni, Anselm Kempf, Mikko Akkola, Christian Baumann, Arto Kuusisto, Ville Piippo, Huang, Yu-Shan, Tuomas Hämäläinen, Henry Daly, Anastasia Ivanova, Gyöngyi Fekete, Yu-Hao Shen, Marina Baranova, Paulo Pannuzzo, Daniel Gustafsson

In 2015, Product Architecture Design Master module was conducted together with the criminal sanctions Agency of Finland rise. The learnings of modularity, interfaces, product architectures, systems design and customization were appliedto a challenging combinationof social design and product design. The task was to learn to understand and categorizethe very wide product portfolio of products made in the prison workshops, choose the most potential categories, enhance the existing and possibly create new products, propose a branding to the products and build the first prototypes. The results can be found in this book. Three categories were prioritized, Urban Picnic, Urban Gardening and Toys. The concepts are ready to be productized and commersialized, easy enough to be manufactured and still create joy andexcitement both to themakers and the users.

Project presentation