Rolls-Royce Portable simulator


The project assignment given by Rolls-Royce Marine was to design an ultimate user experience of a portable tugboat simulator that could be carried by one individual, and the design target was the sales representatives of Rolls-Royce Marine. After understanding the targets people and their work by face-to-face interviews, the students set the experience goals as sense of directing, expertise and proudness. Finally, one conservative concept and one radical concept were developed. In the conservative concept, the students designed a visualized sales tool integrated in the simulation system. The system was controlled by the tablet so the sales people could easily bring it to the meeting place with customers. When the sales people use the touchscreen of tablet to simulate the tugboat operation, they can see the front view of the levers from the table, and also the whole view of movement from the screen of the laptop. In this concept, the easy way of carrying the simulation set-up, the use of the tablet as controller and the clear visualized sales process in the simulation system, all contribute to the experience goals, in a long-term way.

In the radical concept, the students designed a simulator vehicle which is targeted to be used in seminars and meeting with schools. In the seminar or meeting, the sales people would drive the simulator vehicle into the meeting place, and the vehicle acted directly as a stage for presentation. The real levers integrated in the vehicle, were used to show how the operation would affect the movement of the tugboat. In this concept, the way of driving the simulator, standing on it as at the center of the meeting room, and using the real levers with reaction movement, create feelings for the sales representatives that are in line with the experience goals.