SC5 company visit

Wednesday evening, we joined forces with IDBM and visited SC5, a digital service agency specialized in cloud-solutions based in the heart of Helsinki.

The evening started with a warm welcome and delicious food, and continued with Kati Pihko & Harri Kilpiö introducing the company and their work. Kati is an IDBM alumna and works as a Service Designer at SC5. Harri is a UX Developer whose work takes place somewhere in between that of a traditional developer and a designer.

  • Some facts about SC5:

    Within 85 employees, only 25 of them work as UX and Service Designers. The company was founded in 2006 and by 2012, when Harri joined, he was one out of two UX Developers/Designers. Since then, the design team as grown and is still doing so, meaning that SC5 is currently looking for new design talents. They are big believers in scrum, iterations and agile management with their clients coming from the gaming, FinTech and telecommunications industries, and recently also startup scene. The close collaboration between designers and developers and their love for Design Sprints (next to other valuable design tools) is what makes them quite special.

After hearing about the company, we were able to get a taste of how the Design Sprint works. We split up in 5 groups, read the design brief and dived right in. After one hour of intense work, and with leaving the prototyping and testing stage to another day, we ended the company visit with a warm thank you and some mingling.

Company visits are a great way to peek into the premises of a company, their way of working and to ask questions and get first-hand answers. The CoID community organizes these beautiful afternoons and we are always looking for new ideas and companies to visit. Let us know!