SINCO Lab Open Doors Day

Two weeks ago the comparably new SINCO Lab opened its doors to introduce the lab’s facilities and possibilities. Emmi Haapajoki, who organized the day and currently writes her Master thesis on it, told us a bit more.

  • Lab location: 8th floor, hallway in between Bachelor and Master studios
  • Access: Through Severi Uusitalo for any of your projects

What was the SINCO Lab Open Doors Day about and what is a SINCO Lab?

SINCO, Service Innovation Corner, is a service sketching and prototyping laboratory concept originally developed and registered as trade mark by University of Lapland (see According to the networked open innovation collaboration principles with University of Lapland we’ve introduced our co-development space. It consists of a simulation space that can be utilized by various methods during different stages of a design process. The SINCO Lab Open Doors Day was to welcome, give access and visibility to the space as well as show the potential of the SINCO facilities to students and staff. For more updates, feel free to like the Service Innovation Corner Facebook page.

How did the visitors get to experience the lab and its possibilities?

Firstly, the visitors got a short introduction about the SINCO lab, followed by facilitated exercises on how one can use the simulation from a passive to more active, interactive and collaborative means. After the introduction, an example of a user journey was given in the context of a current Elisaari case. The user journey was a preliminary example of how the lab can be used as well as a provotype – to provoke discussion.

Could you tell us a bit about your thesis and how it is connected to the SINCO Lab?

My thesis focuses on developing methods for the SINCO lab by gathering of data from various sources; past case examples, co-creation, and current case examples. Elisaari is one of the current cases that I am working on in order to plan, try out, test and validate different methods for the SINCO lab. Elisaari itself is a scenic island resort near Inkoo. The tricky thing is, Elisaari is mainly accessible during the summer. During the winter season the access to the island is not guaranteed and so the services have been limited to the summer season. However, there will be access to Elisaari also in the winter potentially by next year. Through the SINCO lab we were able to create a simulation that brought the experience of Elisaari both in the summer and winter seasons to our workshop participants so they could already sketch future service scenarios.

What did you enjoy most about the Open Doors Day? What was the visitor’s feedback?

The Open Doors Day was a great opportunity to ideate the SINCO lab further – get feedback on the SINCO facilitation as well as the simulation in terms of methods, image, sound, video, props and space. It was also a nice chance to show my peers a different possibility to use sketching and prototyping services in Aalto University. The visitors feedback was very encouraging and positive. A lot of nice ideas and tips for the SINCO lab came forward. Thank you to all the participants!

Who can use the SINCO Lab?

SINCO lab can be used by both Aalto students and staff. If one wishes to use the space, feel free to contact Severi Uusitalo or me by email. As repetition is the mother of learning, please feel free to like the Service Innovation Corner Facebook page for more updates. Here, you can also ask questions or write any ideas or requests concerning the lab. How do you wish the SINCO lab to develop further?

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