Translating ship intelligence into an experience

  • Course: Experience-Driven Design
  • Students: Charlotte Bourcier, Essi Horppila, Kamila Jania, Juho Kruskopf
  • Client: Rolls-Royce

The Brief

The brief given by Rolls Royce did not provide us with many restrictions neither requirements regarding the software design. Therefore, in order to comprehend the futuristic subject and choose our focus, we started our process off with extensive background research. Through the research we realised that the concept of ship intelligence is strongly business driven. However, we wanted to dig deeper and find out more empathic reasoning behind the change.


The humane benefits became very central values in our design process and guided us towards our experience goals: Safety for Trust, Empowerment for Engagement, Community for Relatedness and Impressiveness for Pride. With these goals in mind, we developed two concepts that would enable RR´s customers and the marine industry affiliated people to gain experiences of trust, engagement, relatedness and pride connected to ship intelligence. These experiences together will then contribute to the change in the industry.


Seaking is a strategy game taking place on the sea. The user is responsible of maintaining his vessels by managing their routes, directions as well as predictive health maintenance. Imagine “a Sims or Tamagotchi of the seas”. You start with only one ship under your control but once your management skills improve, your responsibility grows with the ownership of more and more ships, and eventually, entire fleets.


The concept of Seaking is based on the sense of responsibility of the player, where the ships are entirely dependent on the management skills. Another important aspect is the community, where you can observe, communicate and trade with other players real time.

The Shipping Community (ShiCo)

ShiCo (the Shipping Community) is a platform where entrepreneurs and start-ups can team up into community to get better shipping deals – shipping intelligence of the future as its best.


Today, for an entrepreneur, it is often complicated to get shipping deals with transportation companies because of the fairly small amount of merchandise. ShiCo brings shipping needs of many entrepreneurs together for bigger impact and better deals, and gives big companies the opportunity to support this activity. By connecting creative hubs to each other and their consumers through an interactive platform, Shico makes community shipping a reality. ShiCo connects all companies needing transport with all possible ways of transportation (sea, air and land) and helps them to benefit from smarter worldwide shipping. At the heart of this concept is the ideas that the members build this community and the ability of people to do great things with technology.