User Inspired Design 2017

The User Inspired Design course 2017 took place in collaboration with Vahanen Group – the biggest Finnish-owned technical consulting organizations in construction and property branch who offers a wide scope of services in architecture, building services and structural engineering, refurbishment and property management, and expert services in building physics together with environmental consulting. The company’s mission: “Builder of a healthy living environment”.

Workshops with the client and residents
Workshops with the client and residents

The project task for the students was to develop solution concepts to inspire and empower residents living in the Helsinki suburbs Haaga, Herttoniemi, Kalasatama, Kannelmäki, Kontula, Lauttasaari, Malmi, Siltamäki, Suurmetsä, or Vuosaari (preferably residents who own their own apartments or investors renting apartments) to ultimately change their neighborhood and activate people to design the neighborhoods of the future.

Two of the student projects are showcased below

SKY Kontula

Authors: Sanni Honkanen, Soyeon Park, Jaakko Ranne, André Santos
Based on this brief, we set out to research solutions to improve Kontula – a suburb in eastern Helsinki that it is known for having a bad reputation. The goal of our project was to reach these so-called “silent actors” of the area, and cultivate an interest in them for developing the neighborhood, with the incentive of increasing the value of their property. Our approach was to inspire private investors to participate by arranging a series of gatherings between them and the board of the housing companies. The gatherings were to be different from traditional board meetings – that were described as time-consuming, unprofessional and boring – to make them more attractive for the investors.

Talk to my Lähiön Kummit

Authors: Shreya Kumar, Banhee Lee, Julianna Nevari, Jari Miranda
The Finnish neighborhoods are getting to a renovation age where the buildings need big and expensive renovations. The problem is not the renovation itself but how to empower the residents to do bigger things with their possessions. The housing co-operation could for example sell their land to pay upcoming renovation. However, nowadays housing co-operations aren´t doing anything. They just pay the renovation and don´t raise questions about it. Thus we asked how to activate residents to make bigger impact in their neighborhood?