UX Playroom


Our project started with the question “How to facilitate storytelling, as well as saving and presenting stories in Valmet’s UX playroom?” The UX playroom is a space for sharing stories, imagination and speculations around Valmet’s products and services. The room can be used by R&D for innovating future products, but also as a showroom for existing products. In this project we focused on enabling stories for R&D purposes, and the direct special appearance of the room was left out.

The final use scenario has been built around a future UX Playroom System, which gives access to direct communication between end users of Valmet’s products and Valmet’s R&D. This allows for real user stories to be told and explored in the room, as well as real time data collection that helps the R&D to decide what stories to focus on. This concept opens up to a future oriented co-design thinking and drives inspiration and pride through direct interaction with real users.