What is Design, Strategy and Leadership?

The talk with the trainer himself, Guy Julier gives us better insights about what happens in the course. The main idea is to develop new approaches, objects and new forms of engagement in design. It helps to widen the perspective about design and push boundaries beyond the obvious definitions.

The course is more about understanding better the process rather than final design. It teaches students to discover a menu of approaches which they experiment and find the most suitable one. Through the process, they learn to discover the limits of their idea themselves and eventually they get well versed with many experimental methods.

The course mainly focuses on ‘Designing for a Social Change’. For an instance, this spring there were four wide categories of the course such as Frugal Ageing, Shrinking Cities, Everyday Innovations, and Re-organizing Designs which made students aware about the world happenings and areas that required the concern. It is more about an area of the problem that student chooses to tackle and design their own approach to explain the problem and the opportunities of it. At the end of the course, it is very interesting to see a variety of approaches that students share with each other and which gives them new perspectives to think on their own projects. We could say that it is about designing the justified Problem Statement and finding the genuine problem that requires design thinking and solution rather than keeping focus as designing solutions immediately.

Design strategy and Leadership is more about Problem Processing rather than Problem-Solving.

Few Examples of the topics